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Welcome to our website! We have started this website for more then one reason. Gasoline, or petrol, has helped man child for many years now. It is a vital asset for our economy and is a great full gift from nature. It gives us the ablilty to create and produce things we use in our lives. But most of all we use to get from place A to place B. Meaning we drive our cars on roads to get anywhere you can think of. That being said, we must also pay for the use of it. So therefor we spend a lot of money at the gasstation. The price per gallon (or liter) is decive for the total cost.

How much money do you spend?

Exactly that question we would like to answer. This website will help you to calculate and estimate the total cost. And we hope you can benifit from the data processed as an outcome. Many people are aware that gasoil is a resource probably end of live soon. And many want to know how much they have to pay for driving a distance. Therefor we created our free to use online tool, just to help you. And concerning the energy transition toward all electric ... Company's like TESLA are leading our way. But, that will take some time, so the need for gasoline (gas and oil) will be staying.

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Who are we?

So now you a little bit more about the purpose of this website. We hope that clarifies stuff. What about us? We are a Dutch comapny always looking for handy solutions that will help people further. We provide free tools online, yes we do place some advertisement on our websites (e.g. Google Adsense). That is because we need an income to keep the website free to use. If you have any news conerning the topic of this website or you would like to contact us. Please send us an email click here.

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